All SEAC Global properties are stringently researched to ensure that our partners and ourselves should make their own commitment into buying into the project.
Whether you are acquiring, selling, managing or investing in property, good decisions depend on accurate, carefully analysed information. Our team makes a close study of real estate globally, delving into specific sectors and markets, as well as exploring broader real estate trends. This is the first step in our end-to-end process.


SEAC Global and our chosen partners have a detailed understanding of property throughout the world.
We provide comprehensive consultancy and support throughout every stage of the property purchase including,
if required, international mortgages, the ongoing management, rental and resale of property.
Together with you, we will build a plan and offer advice and a solution that fits perfectly with your needs and aspirations.


Whether you are taking your first steps into property or you are already building your property portfolio, SEAC Global are here to help. With our strong belief in our end-to-end solution, we have the capacity to connect you with the right lenders, with the best terms available, wherever in the world you may be. Whether it’s a first time mortgage, a remortage or leveraging against an existing mortgage we will ensure we make your capital work hard for you.


Once you have decided to purchase a property through SEAC Global, our partners, our team of property professionals and you, will ensure the purchase runs smoothly.
We will be with you every step of the way, from purchase of the property all the way through to completion and beyond.
At every step of the process we will be there with you, again this is a vital part of our end-to-end process.


Once you have purchased your property and decided you want to let the property out. One of the most challenging tasks is managing your property.
If you choose to enjoy a hands-off approach to managing your property, we at SEAC Global can assist you with our lettings service.
We will take on all the tasks including, pricing, reliable tenanting, maintenance, rent collection, tax and legal obligations and more.
This way you can relax knowing you are getting the best service and returns for your property.


Choosing the correct moment to sell your property can be extremely challenging for an individual, who would need to be completely aware and up to date of the local and national market.
Our chosen partners and our team can give you up to date advice on when the best time to place your property onto the market to realise its true potential.
Again, this is all part of our commitment to you and our end-to-end service.

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